Web based booking application for a youth group
This web based application gives parents the freedom to book their children into the organisations clubs wherever they are and exceeded client expectations.

The client

This youth organisation runs a number of clubs for Infant and Junior school children and approached us on recommendation to build a web based application for them to ease the workload of administration staff and make the experience of dealing with the clubs easier for the parents.


Project scope

Initially the client asked us to provide a simple application for parents to be able to view what session they had booked for their children in which clubs, and what their account balance was. The parents could only find out this information by phoning up the clubs when they were staffed and the administration staff spent a lot of time talking to parents when they could be carrying out other tasks. This was an interesting problem to solve.


What we did

Initially, we worked on research to find out what the main pain points were for parents dealing with the club and trying to get information. We examined how they would expect to be able to interact with the club and were able to draw some up some simple interactions which would solve the biggest issues and improve the experience the most.

The biggest, quick wins were for parents turned out to be:

Access my account balance. What has been paid and when?

Checking the status of bookings to know my child can attend a club.

Book my child in to a club easily.

Make the booking at my convenience.

Settle my balance online.

In this instance, the budget wasn't there for the online payment solution but we're hoping to have the opportunity to add that in a future iteration. The biggest difference to their experience with the club would be the booking and account information so that took priority for the first product.

Knowing that booking "at my convenience" was a major step forward we looked further in to possible interactions. It was obvious (and some research confirmed this) that the most used devices were going to be iPhones and iPads for the users so we had to build a responsive website with easy to use touch based navigation as a focus.

We were able very quickly to move to a usable prototype using Mockflow and iterate the design until we were all happy, and the users were happy, with the app-like experience which we then built, including a touch based calendar booking system which is simple and efficient to use on an iPhone or iPad, as well as a desktop or laptop.