Responsive web presence for a unique manufacturer
User research led design enabled us to create a successful, responsive, website

The client

Frameset are a manufacturer of stage flats for the media and production industry. Their product is uniqe and is used globally for presentations and conferences, and also by schools and theatres.


Project scope

We were asked to produce a new web presence for Frameset from which to market their product. The main business goal was to gather as many potential clients as possible via requests for their price list. As they didn't want to show prices directly on the site, this meant that it had to be very engaging and informative to entice potential clients to request the prices.

What we did

Research was quite difficult as finding candidates proved hard. They have quite a large potential market but securing participants for research was tricky. However, using a combination of online surveys and interviews we managed to get some valuable data showing us how this market operated and how users/potential clients went about finding and procuring components for their work.

Experience mapping workshop with the clientBy the end of our research we had a clear picture of what it was the end user wanted out of their products, what features were the most valuable and how they sourced them. The single biggest take-away was that they needed the see the products wow-factor, above all else.

We also realised that any communication needed to be conducted swiftly which led to a key idea on how the price list could be requested.

The ideation process started out with a workshop at the client’s premises to present data from our research and collaborate with them on an experience map. This was a very constructive afternoon which helped the client appreciate their customers more and allowed us to identify pain points and feelings. We also spent time discussing content and mapping out a basic site map and content plan.

Afterwards, we produced a two potential ideas to work through as the basis for designs and eventually, with a bit of testing settled on one solution. This was then fleshed out into a prototype for presentation to the client and then testing.

We ensured that a simple ‘request price list’ button was accessible and findable on all pages with a pre-filled message requesting the price list which could be added to should the user want to.

We had identified that mobile was a big part of life for the client’s users and creating a responsive website would be crucial. We selected again not to use a framework but our own fast responsive codebase for the project along with a customised CMS allowing the client control over the website but ensuring that the responsive styling was maintained. The result is a smart looking, fast website.

Initial successes

The new site was made live on a Friday afternoon to allow for DNS replication over the weekend so that we were certain it would be available globally on Monday morning.

The first enquiry however, came only an hour later. They have received a very steady stream of good enquiries since and are very happy with the results of the project.