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Everything is made with care and attention to detail. Everything is individually crafted.

about us

Richly Creative was founded by Eddie Rich in 2004 as his creative outlet with the aim to put the user at the centre of design and, initially, to improve experiences on the web. Since then, technology has changed and we are always looking to provide user experience services across digital platforms and where they cross in to the physical world.

So much of the web has become a place of "it'll do" mentality and a commoditised, homogenised, template driven space, that truly great experiences are becoming few and far between. Those businesses which focus on that experience will stand out from the crowd.

- Eddie Rich

We are driven by the desire to make great digital and cross channel experiences. Not just mediocre, might work, experiences, but truly great experiences that can make the lives of your customers better or even just that little bit easier. Through research and testing we aim to provide real solutions to problems your business may have.

Sometimes a great experience is simple, sometimes it is making the complex simple, and sometimes it's something altogether different. Our passion lies in working out how that experience should be and crafting designs accordingly. It's not a case of "This might work" or "Let's copy what we've done before".

We will speak to your clients and users, we will find out what drives them and what they expect from your business or organisation, we will then build and test their desired experience based on solid data.

The best experience will go unnoticed as your visitors complete their task effortlessly yet, it will be remembered well.

- Eddie Rich